We love REZ!

April 27th, 2011

Rez is now making awesome productions and releasing them under the prestigious Razor1911 label. The newest is this one from the Revision party… Going deep into the essence of Rezness! Music by Dubmood.

Lackluster – Detro EP

April 27th, 2011

lackluster detro ep

Lackluster is a native of Finland; however, his association with Ireland is strong. In the 2000s Esa Ruoho aka Lackluster lived in Ireland where he released music for mightly labels like Merck and deFocus. His live sets in the Irish techno scene brought him both attention and acclaim and he hooked up with Dublin ambient label Psychonavigation. It was his remix of Sitting Pretty for Manta that inspired Desy Balmer to sign Lackluster up to Nice & Nasty.

The Detro EP is a collection of Four uncompromising trax that fuse anti-rhythm, detuned melody, abstract beats and deep nasty funk. Lackluster displays elements of Minimal techno, dubstep and Detroit techno but in fairness Lackluster and his music is unique and more at home with the Sheffield bleep scene of the early 1990s without losing its place in modern music. As you can tell from the waffle here it is difficult to pigeonhole Lackluster and describe his music using standard vocabulary and grammar as the only way to describe it would be to recreate language for that specific purpose.

Lackluster has two rare gem remixes of the debut hit from Nice & Nasty, Bolivian Angel by Ubiquity which is only available on a limited promo CD; however, subsequent remixes for Heretics of Disko, Spearchukka, Tomi Chair and Mick Chillage paved the way for his debut release on Nice & Nasty, Detro.

Bizarre as it seems, Detro EP that features 4 original pieces of electronica is released after the remix EP of the eponymous track by Birdcage, Numerical and Nachklangmusik & remlaB.

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Whispers 4k intro from revision – the music

April 27th, 2011

whispers intro soundtrack by kaneel

At Revision demoparty there was a 4k intro from Cocoon & TPOLM, the TPOLM part being the music from Kaneel. The intro is not released yet, waiting for the final version i suppose, but above you can listen to the tune and imagine what the intro might look like ….

Varia – Magic + Omega

April 27th, 2011

varia magic omega cover

New amazing album from Varia released on Enough records!


” Double album release by Varia, mashing sampled quotes with electro, hiphop, disco, rock and 80s hits into regurgitated electro disco idm or ambient tracks with it’s own online TV channel. Brainchild project of Juho “Blamstrain” Hietala and Jari “1in10″ Pitkanen. Two demosceners from Finland active under TPOLM and MFX. Their sound having already been used in demos such as Agenda Circling Forth / CNCD & Fairlight. ”

Listen and download here.

Lackluster Questions & Answers and 3 new tracks

March 26th, 2011

Some years ago there used to be a wonderful section on Lackluster’s webpage where Esa would answer anybodys questions about anything. Then, the section was gone with website updates. And now it’s back! Go ahead, ask something ..

Lackluster Q&A.

There’s also 3 new songs online:


This song is made to support the Dynaspheres project, a cooperative project to have one or more Dynaspheres made for and located in Europe for the greater European community. For more info check out their webpage.


This one supports the restauration efforts of R. Buckminster Fuller’s original home. More info can be found at the Fuller Dome Home.


And finally Van Flander Waterfall, which refers to documentaries about vacuum energy – Energy From the Vacuum

Avgrund (preview) by Sushi Brother

March 15th, 2011

Avgrund (Preview) by Sushi Brother

Yeah, check out this epic track from Sushi Brother! It’s been a long while since we had a new Sushi Brother release so let’s leave some messages to soundcloud urging him to make more music!

Interview with Erik Skodvin

March 3rd, 2011

Svarte Chair

Ghostly interviews Skodxhalemiasmashsvartegreindeafcenter about his current and future projects… Damn, it’s hard to keep up with people’s handles these days but luckily Erik explains this in the interview 🙂

Smm: context – Interview with Svarte Greiner

Obstruo.1 by Knos

March 3rd, 2011

Obstruo.1 by Knos

Lovely new track from Knos. Info: A little track made on the Ukulele (not really, it’s ableton live with LN2 plugins).

Kschzt & Fthr remix of Azsma – Activo paro

March 3rd, 2011

Azsma – Activo Paro (kschzt + fthr remix agrario) by kschzt

Azsma – Generación 3 is a hip-hop album produced by friends in Barcelona, and a special all-remixes edition of it was just released. Fthr & Kschzt remixed the track Activo Paro which you can listen above. Check out the whole album, great opportunity to practise your spanish, catalan and arabic ..

Azsma, Generación 3 Redux

Get “The day the earth was born”- merchandise

February 17th, 2011

T-shirts, hoodies, canvas prints and laptop stickers!

It was 10 years ago (almost) that this demo was done, and now we have commemorative merchandise, with design by Antony Squizzato. Celebrate the unique cultural heritage with these products that depict the impact and significance of the 2001 product by TPOLM in glorious 2 dimensions!

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Get TPOLM merchandise!

February 15th, 2011

Yes, finally! How the hell did we survive all these years without any TPOLM gear. Get your TPOLM Space Giraffe T-shirt, hoodie, ophone case, ipad skin, laptop skin, poster or canvas print of this awesome design by grandmaster Antony. This work is published with permission from YOUR MOTHER, she said it was OK to have her image up on this stuff.

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How the synching of the tunnel in “The day the earth was born” was made

February 7th, 2011

Found from the tpolm.org picture archives: here’s a picture Lassi drew, showing how the bass sound in the module works, for visually synchronizing the tunnel in the TPOLM demo “The day the earth was born”.

Deaf Center – Owl Splinters

February 3rd, 2011

As you might or might not know, TPOLM resident mr. Xhale (Erik Skodvin) is half of the duo Deaf Center. Their new album “Owl Splinters” is out on Type Records now. And you can also stream the whole album for free from Soundcloud.

Deaf Center – Owl Splinters at Soundcloud
Owl Splinters at Type Records
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Kaneel interview in Beat.de magazine

February 3rd, 2011

Kaneel, possibly the newest intellectual resource of the planet, is being interviewed in the latest issue of the german music magazine Beat. Another great reason to learn german. There is also an english translation for those that might not have the time to learn the fine language just now. In the interview, Mr. Kaneel shares his views on music, creativity, technology, many things really.

The photo above by Flrnt

The interview in german (.pdf file)
The interview in english (.doc file)

Der Kollaborateur

January 28th, 2011

Matthias H. Risse and a friend Cem Kozcuer have an ongoing exhibition called Der Kollaborateur at Galerie61 in Bielefeld, Germany. The english title : ‘The Collaborator. An egocentric field study.’. Will be open January 21st – March 5th, 2011. Good time to visit Bielefeld and learn german! Installation photos at the galery’s webpage.


Tpolm YouCube

January 28th, 2011

Haven’t you ever woke up with a deep yearn to watch all your favorite tpolm demo classics playing in a cube? I know i have. Well, now you can:

welcome to tpolm in YouCube.