Kaneel: What You Hear Is What You Deserve (2014)

__ 701412 – What you hear is what you deserve

After years of hiatus, self-flagellation, “post-parenting” questioning and finally, a long period of artistic persona reshaping.

I wanted to kick back with some very important message:
– Your selfie matters.
– The food you eat matters.
– The music you’re listening to matters.
– The movie you’re watching matters.

And I came up to this conclusion:
– You are beautiful.
– You are amazing.
– I love your cute face.
– I want to follow you.
– I want to hug you.

And then, it felt almost logical to me that WHAT YOU HEAR IS WHAT YOU DESERVE.

This album is probably about you.
It could be about me but I decided that I had enough with “me” and it was time to talk a bit about you.

Or probably it’s because I definitely deserved all the things I’ve heard.

product of TPOLM shipped to your world through INPUJ.

__ mandatory websites:

__ thanks:
felix for mixing tips and final mastering of the album.
nate for the amazing cover.
paul for the obscure but nonetheless amazing teasers.
aaron for believing.

__ regards:
aleksi, julien, matt, anders, vae, frank, pierre adrien, george, ari, zaki, eirik, jean-marc, reynald, nico, cyril and florent for their support and kind words.
eduard, kieran and bjørn… they know why.
anaïs for being tolerant with the mess, cables, gears and stuff.
and to all of those who wanted a new album (and asked me about it)
and TPOLM.
released 18 December 2014

Mastering: Felix Petrescu (half of Makunouchi Bento)
Artwork: Nathaniel Reeves (aka Nkurence)
tags: 8bit electronic ambient downtempo electronic experimental trip hop why bother tagging Paris

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