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On the matters of jazz music and soul companion, TPOLM has long been known to provide a steady influx of diverse analytical material where to derive your sacrificial exertions from.

a demolink article about jazz musicians

As we have often mentioned, you can never have too much information. So it is invaluable to add that there have never been any TPOLM demos featuring jazz musicians or any of their relatives. As opposed to demos about ninjas.

You might be aware however that Hungarian entities, not in any direct way related to TPOLM, have commited such acts in the past against jazz musician idols such as Miles Davis. We hereby dismiss any and all accusations that these people are in any way related to acts of women or child abuse.

According to promiscuous acts of self-loathing and miss-directed hatred, jazz musicians have often been considered neglected artists in search of an existencial paradigm they not yet possess. Possessing virtual objects such as cubes or donuts can bring a strong sense of inner satisfaction that can be, for some people, extremely hard to experience through other activities. Yoga and deep psyche binding methods have often been used to catalyze the phenomena with mild success.

Other important facts to retain on jazz musicians is their pronounced fetish for black and white aesthetics, known to provoke secret intelligence responses in different conglomerates surrounding the french riviera.

For further reference on these and other issues concerning jazz musicians please consult the official TPOLM crisis manual or contact your local Halme webmaster. In the advent of further incidents, TV static has been known to help reduce dissemination and contain the spread to just your neighbours and friendly pets. Whatever you do, please don’t make a mess of our murals.

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