Article about the feds

TPOLM intergalactic legend killers, in association with redhead baguette industries, is proud to bring you, a new and revolutionary demolink article entitled

a demolink article about the feds

The fed is known internationagalactically as a mythical creature riddled with pain and distrust to your fellow creative personas. Not often have they been spotted spotting down the spotless junkie as have they also been known to torture and distraught lost kittens. Arabs are not to blame for this.

Many other occasions have the feds been known to also pursue military state surveillance on regular consultants of penguins and lettuces alike. Although cabbages are regularly consumable in soup, penguin soup is not advisable for children under the age of 15, 12 or even 8. Most children under 8 should also avoid sharks, elefants, tapirs and stroganoff cocktails.

Under any circumstance should children be allowed to play with fire or plastic bags unsupervised. Long exposure to plastics has been known to affect the endocranian development and is heavily documented to prevent prepubescent migraines in young males and females alike.

For further information on proper fed supervision please consult your manual under section VI paragraph 6: “there have been mixes and dance tracks put together in the past, but none can outrun or equal the power of megablast”

This article has not been certified by Halme and may contains vague references to bondage with a preying mantis, sharks in space, nigerian chilinuts and/or nokia.

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