Article about your mother

TPOLM international galactic conspiracy is proud to to present to you

a demolink article about your mother

Mothers are important. they give birth to babies. and sometimes they nurture them too. so you should love your mother regardless of what they are. like your mother loves you. TPOLM has known this for many years.

If you are a mother on a beer terrace you might get scorned by local drunkards for bringing your baby into that kind of environment. even while drinking a cider and eating a pizza in a corner far away from everyone else. at 4pm.

It is also important to notice that all mothers are the best mothers in the world. except for the bad mothers. which there are none. except when they are.
please do not confuse this with vague pulp fiction references by orange.

Mothers are also a good source of conjugated linoleic acids. According to studies that targeted its effects on the belly firmness and fatty acid composition of genetically lean pigs, the supplemental CLA usage had a positive effect on the improvement of belly firmness and may provide a nutritional solution to carcass fat and belly firmness problems.

Further studies have proved that mothers have a rapid response to all sorts of children complaints, including sex deviations, sleep deprivation and different kind of drug related issues.

This article has been certified by Halme and contains no references to bondage with animals, dolphins with lasers, south-african pedophilia, hot mustard or routine checks to endochondral ossification complications.

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