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Lackluster – Moments

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

“Moody blue and dreamy ambient IDM return from Finland’s Lackluster”  -Boomkat

“You can define this EP as the soundtrack to a funeral, in a world where death does not have to be something sad.”
“Se puede definir este EP como la banda sonora de un funeral, en un mundo donde la muerte no tiene por que ser algo triste.” -Buenos Aliens

Brothomstates, Blamstrain, Sense, Ilkae and Lackluster appear on V/A: Touched

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Brothomstates, Blamstrain, Sense, Ilkae, Plaid, Plone, Arovane, Future Sound of London, 808State, Lackluster and many others (123 in total) appeared on this Macmillan Cancer Support compilation.

All proceeds donated to Macmillan Cancer Support –
Some of the planet’s greatest Electronic, Ambient & Modern Classical musicians come together for this amazing cause.
You can pay an amount of your choice here (£6 or over), and we will donate (and claim gift aid) on your behalf, or, you can go to and donate directly (and leave a message if you wish).

The artists have contributed their music for free.

Thanks for the support!
released 19 December 2013
Curated by Martin Boulton
Artwork by Ade Hodges
Mastered by Tom Roberts

Mosaik – Aerials

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Baguetter for Renoise 2.7

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Monsieur Baguette (who could that be?) has released a tool for Renoise 2.7 – Baguetter.

Device “step by step (oh baby) simple sequencer” (or swapper…)
With both a live and a write mode, and random features!

Yes, random features.

Download Baguetter at Renoise Tools
More info at Baguetter’s official page

Lackluster – The Invisible Spanish Inquisition

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

New album from Lackluster! For sale exclusively on beatport for the next 4 weeks:

Lackluster: The Invisible Spanish Inquisition
Igloo Records [Igloo-Pop07]
01. Introduction to Lackluster
02. Module for you
03. Flagging
04. Wait For It
05. Endless
06. Jack of No Trades
07. Guitares
08. Watching the Dawning of the Free Energy Century
09. Linger
10. Beechmount

Lumeet – Isadora Mu

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

The artist also known as Aleksi Virta and Vae, among other names, has a new album out! He says: “It’s called “Isadora Mu”, it’s space disco, it contains a track called “7011″ to commemorate this year, and it’s available for streaming and buying at – as download only, 12″ LP preorder + download, and on an awesome hand-customized tweed/denim covered USB flash drive.”

Yeah, sounds great, get it!

Buy and stream – Isadora Mu by Lumeet

Lackluster featured on Tesla 155 years birthday compilation

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Lackluster – 588,177 Apparatus for Producing Ozone – a new track on this compilation celebrating Nikola Tesla’s 155 year birthday.

Download and listen – Various Artists – Tesla 155
The patent application of Tesla’s for the Apparatus for Producing Ozone

Little video of Lackluster Live @ Gimulnautin 35v forestparty

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Just a little clip but sounds dope as hell :) If anyone managed to bootleg more material of the gigs at this party, please let us know!

Kaneel – Your Average Best Friend

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

The Antti Jädertpolm Quartet – Anime EP

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Laidback electronica smelling of Japan. Debut release by The Antti Jädertpolm Quartet, a project by the Finnish ex Barcelona resident and prolific freelance graphics designer Antti ‘FthrProductions’ Jädertpolm. Track 7 in collaboration with Kschzt.

Listen and download

V/A – Mindfield (Psychonavigation Records)

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Let’s play find the featured TPOLM’er!

“This new 15 track compilation (11 unreleased) is selected by Psychonavigation boss Keith Downey and features the finest Ambient/Electronica/Techno sounds from across the globe. The CD begins with an interlude from musician Buckminster Fuzeboard, giving us a taster of his new material. This is followed swiftly by a brand new track from San Francisco’s Jonah Sharp aka Spacetime Continuum with his spaced out Slo-House groove ‘Beryllium Sphere’ (Live Mix). Over the next six tracks the listener is brought on an audio journey of up-tempo tracks. Beginning with David Morley’s beautiful Biosphere-esque track Equator. Norken aka Lee Norris drops a glitch-house number which is then followed by a hero of the 90′s Ambient/Techno scene Robert Leiner, Leiner demonstrates his own unique take on Ambient/Techno and sounding very reminiscent of fellow Mindfield contributors, The Black Dog. Psychonavigation are honoured to include this seminal bands re-working of anodyne ‘Corrosion’. A 9 minute epic journey that takes the listener on a glorious Techno jaunt finishing up with blissed out Ambient strings.
Rising Irish artist Toby Kaar puts his own stamp on the already distinctive sound of Cork’s Zombie Computer. Kaar offers an incredible remix all dubbed out ala The Orb with a bass that’s guaranteed to shake your bassbins. Man of the moment Boxcutter, brings the diverse collection of tracks on Mindfield to it’s crescendo on Diagonal Reader VIP, which is a world away from his usual Dubstep tendancies and displays a more Aphex style bleepy workout to devastating effect.

The album then becomes an entirely more chilled affair starting off with the genius that is The Future Sound Of London. The legendary composers effortlessly blend harpsichord with gentle rolling beats. Next up Enrico Coniglio collobarates with Arve Henriksen whose stunning trumpet treatment is a chill-out classic in the making. Cuttooth then adds a spoken word introlude from his forthcoming debut album Elements which is swiftly followed by a new piece from Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud, delivering a cinematic masterpiece that is crying out to be used on a movie soundtrack. Australian artist Sense make a welcome return to showcase new material from his forthcoming long player on Psychonavigation Records. Another Psychonavigation new recruit Karol Gwóźdź debuts a stunning piano piece that Eno would fight to call his own..The compilation ends on a high with From The Room In the Tower – a wonderful bleepy synth affair from the godfather of Irish Electronica
Roger Doyle.”

Listen and pre-order here

Kaneel & Lackluster – Split 3 inch CD release

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Lackluster & Kaneel, Kaneel & Lackluster, match made in heaven? This split release has 2 tracks from Lackluster, and 2 from Kaneel. It is a 3″ CD .. Only 300 copies made. Quite an item for collectors! Prices on discogs will most likely go through the roof in about 10 years … You can also get only the MP3′s from bandcamp. Nice stuff… Next time I’m hoping they might also do some collaborative tracks together, I think their styles could work quite well together.

Buy the CD from awkward silence recordings here
Buy just the MP3′s here

Lackluster – Detro EP

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

lackluster detro ep

New EP from Lackluster, published by Nice & Nasty.

Buy from Juno Download

Buy from iTunes

Whispers 4k intro from revision – the music

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

whispers intro soundtrack by kaneel

At Revision demoparty there was a 4k intro from Cocoon & TPOLM, the TPOLM part being the music from Kaneel. The intro is not released yet, waiting for the final version i suppose, but above you can listen to the tune and imagine what the intro might look like ….

Varia – Magic + Omega

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

varia magic omega cover

New amazing album from Varia released on Enough records!

” Double album release by Varia, mashing sampled quotes with electro, hiphop, disco, rock and 80s hits into regurgitated electro disco idm or ambient tracks with it’s own online TV channel. Brainchild project of Juho “Blamstrain” Hietala and Jari “1in10″ Pitkanen. Two demosceners from Finland active under TPOLM and MFX. Their sound having already been used in demos such as Agenda Circling Forth / CNCD & Fairlight. ”

Listen and download here.

Lackluster Questions & Answers and 3 new tracks

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Some years ago there used to be a wonderful section on Lackluster’s webpage where Esa would answer anybodys questions about anything. Then, the section was gone with website updates. And now it’s back! Go ahead, ask something ..

Lackluster Q & A.

There’s also 3 new songs online:

Dynaspheres (2011) by lackluster

This song is made to support the Dynaspheres project, a cooperative project to have one or more Dynaspheres made for and located in Europe for the greater European community. For more info check out their webpage.

Be the trim tab (2011) by lackluster

This one supports the restauration efforts of R. Buckminster Fuller’s original home. More info can be found at the Fuller Dome Home.

Van Flandern Waterfall (2011) by lackluster

And finally Van Flander Waterfall, which refers to documentaries about vacuum energy – Energy From the Vacuum