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Monday, August 26th, 2002

Released at Buenzli 2002. Code by Alkama, Music by Xhale. Infofile poetry:
if it crashes, it crashes, that’s it.
shit happens, you know.
if it suxx, it suxx, that’s it.
anyway, SUSSMABITT !

Salmiakki by TPOLM at

The Day The Earth Was Born

Tuesday, September 26th, 2000

Released at Remedy party in Stockholm in summer of 2000. This demo was made pretty much in just one 30 hour long session at A16 labs by Reiska, Fthr & Dune… Frank Bolero invented the name in 1 second after being asked “What should it be called?” at the partyplace.

The Day The Earth Was Born by TPOLM at

Icecream interlude by Calodox & TPOLM

Thursday, January 27th, 2000

And now for some cooking. Unreleased song/loop by esa ruoho.. visuals by Calodox, photography by Esa Ruoho, fonts by Fthr – demo by Dake,Fred,Leto (Calodox)

Icecream interlude by Calodox & TPOLM at

Technology 2

Sunday, September 26th, 1999

Released at the LTP party in Paris. Entirely made by Jaska, who wasn’t in Paris, back home. Coded in Turbo Pascal, while being sick with a high fever.

“after two days of coding my head feels like a balloon and it’s going to pop”

– jaska of tpolm, current temperature 37.5 ¯C

Technology 2 by TPOLM at


Sunday, June 27th, 1999

A mindboggling transcendental piece from Croaker. Music a collaboration between Croaker & Distance. Jaskas part starts at and ends 0:32-0:38, and starts and ends 0:55 with the typolm sample. So in essence Jaska did the sfx and Distance did the muzkx!.. Made in 1999 and released at Remedy party.

Runko by TPOLM at

Cyboman 4

Wednesday, April 28th, 1999

Sequel in the famous Cyboman series. Released at Spring Break ’99 party somewhere in California I think. I swear this seemed really funny at the time. Graphics by grandmaster Antony.

Cyboman 4 by TPOLM at

TP8 Intro

Saturday, December 26th, 1998

Coded by Croaker in Turbo Pascal, with a bit of art direction by Fthr. Music also by Jaska, naturally. This was meant to be shown at TP8 but it didn’t work because of crazy code probably. Eventually released at Elevator ’99 party. Likeable for the minimalist approach, no texts, no graphics, just pixels and lo-fi drum n bass. yess.

TP8 intro by TPOLM at

Ubernational Zonk

Saturday, August 8th, 1998

Released at Assembly ’98, and made in a week long session before that at Pengerkadun Maatalouskone & Sähkö + Kerava hideout. I remember making of this demo being amazingly fun and the summer was hot. Code by Reiska, Music by MD, Gfx by Fthr & Thor.

Ubernational Zonk by TPOLM at

Error 5000

Thursday, May 28th, 1998

Released at LTP party .. Brought there by Rez? Intro made by Croaker & Fthr, mostly Croaker. Another Turbo Pascal prod, made at Pengerkadun Maatalouskone & Sähkö.

Error 5000 by TPOLM at


Sunday, April 26th, 1998

TE2-RB got second place at The Gathering ’98. For prizes we got some games and Levi’s jackets and stuff. It was made at Pengerkadun maatalouskone & sähkö during maybe a week of pretty intense sessions, and we got lots of help from people via the internet, including great guest stars Gimle, Unreal, Rune, Fndr, Zeb and Aap …

TE-2RB by TPOLM at


Friday, December 26th, 1997

Second place at The Party ’97. Mostly made over IRC with hundreds of different .exe file versions. Famous for the poem by Mikko Uromo – Twinkle twinkle little star / Guide me to the nearest bar / Do not tell me it’s too far / I’m too drunk to drive a car”

Björ by TPOLM at


Sunday, October 26th, 1997

Won Scenario ’97 democompo. This demo was made in one session the night before the party in 7 hours by Fthr & Reiska. Awesome music by Balrog also known as Sushi Brother.

Blam! by TPOLM at

TPOLM Erotic show

Friday, September 26th, 1997

This is our biggest hit demo on the internet, and continues to find new fans as new generations of audiences mature to enjoy their sex lives to the fullest. This is probably the demo we’ll be remembered from. Fantastic music by Radix.

Erotic show by TPOLM at

C’est Le

Thursday, June 26th, 1997

Code by Reiska, this was our first real production with him coding. A lot of this was made at the party place at Abduction 1997 in northern finland. Another very memorable party, with Brothomstates+Origami liveshow, Jaska+Jaakko making green colored pancakes for the party crowd, and many other adventures. I think Jaska won the gfx compo with the picture featured in the demo – Ota suolakurkku (have a pickle!).

C’est Le by TPOLM at


Thursday, June 26th, 1997

Released at Remedy ’97 party. Programming by Axl, Gfx by Fthr & Thor, Music by Balrog & Tito. Contains a lot of repixelated Beastie Boys graphics and a vocal sample from Rage Against the Machine.

Netty by TPOLM at


Monday, April 28th, 1997

A switcharoo production – Code by MD, Music by Fthr and Gfx by Croaker.
Made at pengerkadun maatalouskone & sähkö in 1997 or 1998. This prod is so rare not even pouet has it.